Elephants Dream(大象之梦)——中文字幕

Elephants Dream(大象之梦)——中文字幕-东风破博客

喜欢CG动画的估计没有人不知道“Blender基金会”,2006年发布的第一部《Elephant's Dream/大象之梦》据说是全球首部开源的3D动画短片!让人惊叹其画质精良的同时,也不得不佩服“Blender基金会”勇于分享的胸怀。然而,第一次仔细看了多遍,始终一头雾水,并不太明白剧情想表达什么。后来wikipedia上查了下,还真有作者对剧情的陈述:

"The story is very simple—I'm not sure you can call it a complete story even—It is about how people create ideas/stories/fictions/social realities and communicate them or impose them on others. Thus Proog has created (in his head) the concept of a special place/machine, that he tries to "show" to Emo. When Emo doesn't accept his story, Proog becomes desperate and hits him. It's a parable of human relationships really—You can substitute many ideas (money, religion, social institutions, property) instead of Proog's machine—the story doesn't say that creating ideas is bad, just hints that it is better to share ideas than force them on others. There are lots of little clues/hints about this in the movie—many little things have a meaning—but we're not very "tight" with it, because we are hoping people will have their own ideas about the story, and make a new version of the movie. In this way (and others) we tie the story of the movie with the "open movie" idea."


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